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About the Artist


Welcome and so nice to meet you! I am the owner and designer of The Gem and I, Jillian Fay. My journey with jewelry began with my obsession with mala beads. I was in love with making them formyself and friends, and truly noticed the amazing difference meditating and stringing them was making in my life. I took to this new art at 27 with complete abandon and the faith that my passion would lead me, and have since then have expanded into many different modalities of jewelry making.

It has been an amazing journey, filled with learning (lots of learning) and joyful connections. It is my absolute privilege to make something that is meaningful to you and your spiritual practice. Before The Gem and I, I was constantly putting crystals in my bra and losing them, and my goal was to make gemstones into wearable art so that you too wouldn't be losing your crystals! I deeply believe in the powers and frequencies emitted from gemstones, and when you combine them with a little bit of intention and faith...the two of you can co-create some big shifts and magic in your world!