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The Gem and I

The Gem and I Gemstone Earrings Small Blue Apatite and Copper Wire Wrapped

$45.00 $20.00

These gorgeous Blue Apatite hoop earrings are made on copper wire, and feature a copper electroformed pendant dangling from the middle of the circle. They are on Niobium ear wires made specially for sensitive ears.

Each Gem and I piece comes beautifully wrapped with a reusable canvas pouch.

Apatite is an inspirational stone that will aide in your manifestations and dreams. It opens the throat chakra, inducing openness, social ease and the facilitation of public speaking. Apatite is great for stimulating intellect and creativity, allowing for greater perspective and a gentler view of others. It is the stone to have on hand when pursuing life’s loftier goals, while wanting to maintain a strong connection to source.