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Raw Aquamarine Crystal Bustier | Custom Festival Bra | Gemstone Burlesque Costume, Belly Dancing Outfit

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This one of a kind bustier has been hand sewn with raw Aquamarine and blue glass beads. It is a size 34 B and is lined with a cup on the inside. It is absolutely stunning and very comfortable and easy to wear! Why put crystals in your bra when you can wear them with style? Why put crystals in your bra when you can wear them with style? 

If you are in love with this look but it's the wrong size or crystals for you, contact me about a custom crystal bra!

Aquamarine is a calming but courageous stone. It will align you with your truth and invoke tolerance of others, encouraging responsibility for oneself. It is the perfect crystal to help with Throat Chakra manifestations, as it encourages communication with the higher planes and clarity of perception. It quiets the mind and allows for spirit to do the talking. Use Aquamarine to inspire divine creativity and unblock your expression.