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The Gem and I

Copper Spirit Quartz Pendant and Amethyst Star and Moon Handmade Necklace


This hand made and one-of-a-kind necklace features a Spirit Quartz copper electroplated pendant with faceted Amethyst beads and a moon and star accent. It is on a copper chain which is 20" in length total.

Each Gem and I piece comes beautifully wrapped in a reusable canvas pouch and polishing cloth.

Spirit Quartz is only found in South Africa and is highly unusual due to its unique structure featuring hundreds of small terminated points. It is deeply connected with the crown chakra, and ushers in profound harmony and connection to spirit. It clears and stimulates the third chakra, and is great for alleviating anxiety. Use this powerful stone to merge with the higher self and align with spirit.

Amethyst is a stone of serenity and healing. It has strong powers to block negative energy and help the wearer overcome addictions and repeating cycles. It is incredibly helpful for meditation and reaching higher states of consciousness, making it perfect for opening the Crown Chakra. Amethyst is beneficial for the mind, assisting in calming thoughts and deepening awareness. It helps over-stimulated brains to slow down and synthesize information, making it a great stone for people who need help concentrating or memorizing. Amethyst is one of the most spiritual stones, opening the channels of divine love and wisdom.

Copper is an amazing metal that benefits its wearer in several ways. Wearing copper can boost immunity, prevent inflammation and increase circulation. It is an essential mineral, and it slowly assimilates into your skin; which is great for it! Sometimes, copper can turn your skin green as an indicator of improper acidity in your body, and in that way, you can use it to measure your bodies alkalinity. The root could be as simple as the lotion or perfume you are wearing, but it can also point to nutritional deficiencies such as a poor diet or not drinking enough water. Copper is a beautiful metal and mineral, that not only looks beautiful, but also enhances your health!