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The Gem and I

Sleeping Beauty Turquoise and Seashell Statement Copper Cocktail Ring sz 6.25


This ring features a gorgeous marquise shaped Turquoise stone with an electroformed shell atop it. It is a size 6.25 and comes with a beautiful jewelry pouch and polishing cloth, perfect for gifting as well!

This Turquoise was found in Arizona and is called Sleeping Beauty Turquoise, which is very rare! Turquoise is a balancing stone. It has been used throughout history as a protective and purifying amulet. It promotes spiritual attunement and enhances communication between worlds. It balances all the Chakras while being particularly effective for the Throat and Third Eye Chakra. The gemstone encourages self-reflection and alignment of the true self. 

This ring has been hand sculpted and plated in copper, in a process known as copper electroforming. Electroforming is a time intensive art that involves many steps and a lot of care, making each piece completely unique and personal.

*Although the power of gemstones is strong indeed, this product is not intended for medical use or the treatment of medical problems.