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The Gem and I

Moonstone Statement Rings in Copper


A: Size 6.5
B: Size 6.25
C: Size 6.5
D: Size 6.75
E: Size 7

Moonstone is about new beginnings. It is strongly tied to the moon and reminds us that all of life is part of a continuous cycle of change. It is a powerful stone for encouraging peace and calm. Moonstone shines its light on the unconscious, making it the perfect stone for dream journeying and developing psychic abilities. It is filled with feminine energy and is perfect for those looking to balance the masculine and feminine inside themselves.

These unique and one-of-a kind rings were hand sculpted and copper electroformed, featuring the most gorgeous and quality solitaire Moonstone rings.

Each Gem and I piece comes beautifully wrapped in a reusable canvas pouch and polishing cloth.