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The Gem and I

Opal and Turquoise Sterling Silver Butterfly Necklace


Inspired by the butterflies of San Miguel de Allende, this unique statement necklace is made from 925 silver and features pink and white opals and turquoise from Mexico. This is a handmade necklace and is sure to make you feel like the queen you are when wearing it.

Turquoise is a balancing stone. It has been used throughout history as a protective and purifying amulet. It promotes spiritual attunement and enhances communication between worlds. It balances all the Chakras while being particularly effective for the Throat and Third Eye Chakra. The gemstone encourages self-reflection and alignment of the true self. Turquoise is an excellent stone for anxiety and depression, as well as protection from electromagnetic smog.

Opal is the stone of love, light and purity. It aids in transformation and intuition. Use it for deepening your understanding of your-self and others. In ancient times it was used for strengthening the eye and seeing with clarity. It brings protection to its wearer, and will ultimately amplify your traits. It is a passionate stone that will activate your throat chakra, and bring you self-realization with a dose of good old-fashioned joy.