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The Gem and I

Pearl, Opal and Coral Sterling Silver Earrings


These unique and handmade earrings feature keshi pearls, coral and white opal all sourced from Mexico. They are made out of 925 sterling silver and they are very lightweight for easy wear!

Considered the “garden of the sea,” coral is unique as it is the mineralized skeletons of sea animals. The Egyptians thought that it contained the blood of the divine, and so they would place coral in their loved ones’ tombs for protection. Use coral to feel connected to the ancients and call in the power of the ocean to aid you. It is a powerful nature ally and will serve you to bring you confidence and trust in your intuition.

Pearls are unique in that they are formed by Mollusks as a self-soothing mechanism, and have properties that can be used for skin-care and internal health. They are truly all powerful and equated with mother earth and nourishment. Pearls support mood stability and help create relaxing and calm energy when worn. Use them to connect with mother earth and pamper the self.

Opal is the stone of love, light and purity. It aids in transformation and intuition. Use it for deepening your understanding of your-self and others. In ancient times it was used for strengthening the eye and seeing with clarity. It brings protection to its wearer, and will ultimately amplify your traits. It is a passionate stone that will activate your throat chakra, and bring you self-realization with a dose of good old-fashioned joy.