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The Gem and I

Spirit Beads; Spirit Quartz, Moonstone and Rose Quartz Rosary Style Necklace


Activate your crown chakra and prepare for your soul to sing when you slip this bespoke Spirit Quartz garland around your neck. Spirit Quartz is the stone of attunement, and when combined with Moonstone and Rose Quartz, can create some magic in your life!

This hand-made piece features a copper electroformed Spirit Quartz pendant hanging from a Moonstone and Rose Quartz necklace. The chain features a rosary like faceted Moonstone section, attached to Rose Quartz knotted with light pink silk thread. It is 32" total in length. 

Spirit Quartz is only found in South Africa and is highly unusual due to its unique structure featuring hundreds of small terminated points. It is deeply connected with the crown chakra, and ushers in profound harmony and connection to spirit. It clears and stimulates the third chakra, and is great for alleviating anxiety. Use this powerful stone to merge with the higher self and align with spirit.

Rose Quartz is the stone of the Heart Chakra, ushering in unconditional love and deep inner healing. Use it to attract love of all kinds and deepen relationships you have. It is especially potent for teaching self-love and self-forgiveness, for you cannot accept love until you love yourself. Rose Quartz transmutes feelings of pain and grief into inner peace and self-soothing. It is the ultimate love crystal, encouraging you to release heartache and open yourself to new beautiful possibilities and relationships.

Moonstone is about new beginnings. It is strongly tied to the moon and reminds us that all of life is part of a continuous cycle of change. It is a powerful stone for encouraging peace and calming emotions. Moonstone shines its light on the unconscious, making it the perfect stone for dream journeying and developing psychic abilities. It is filled with feminine energy and is perfect for those looking to balance the masculine and feminine inside themselves. Moonstone is a wonderful stone for women going through any type of reproductive or hormonal changes.