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The Gem and I

Statement Rose Quartz and Velvet Collar Bone Choker, Crystal and Copper Gemstone Necklace


Rose Quartz is the stone of the Heart Chakra, ushering in unconditional love and deep inner healing. Use it to attract love of all kinds and deepen relationships you have. It is especially potent for teaching self-love and self-forgiveness, for you cannot accept love until you love yourself. Rose Quartz transmutes feelings of pain and grief into inner peace and self-soothing. It is the ultimate love crystal, encouraging you to release heartache and open yourself to new beautiful possibilities and relationships.

This gorgeous choker is on a 3/4" velvet ribbon with an adjustable closure so that the gemstone sits right on top your collarbone. The Rose Quarts pendant has been hand formed and copper electroplated.

Each Gem and I piece comes beautifully wrapped in a reusable canvas pouch and polishing cloth.