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Tigers Eye Crystal Crown Embellished with Citrine for Sensuality & Positivity

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Transform your look with this exquisite handmade gemstone crown that captures the energy of the sun and earth. The gemstone crown features a naturally striped tiger's eye adorned with sparkling crushed citrine, giving you a radiant and illuminating glow. With its blend of sensuality and positivity, this wedding crown is perfect for any boho goddess or festival bride!

Tigers Eye combines the earth and sun energies to create a grounded and positive mental state. Tigers Eye works perfectly with the Sacral Chakra, as it supports those with addiction issues to make change, and aids in unblocking creativity. Tigers Eye is about intention and worth. It helps you to clarify what you need, quiet criticism, and then accomplish your goals. This stone also stimulates the rise of Kundalini energy from the lower chakras, awakening sensuality and sexuality.

Citrine is a crystal believed to bring happiness, life, and regeneration. It emanates the warm energy of the sun and is one of those rare crystals that never require cleansing. Citrine is known for attracting abundance and is a generous stone that wants everyone to enjoy wealth and success. When you need a boost of self-confidence and assurance, Citrine is the perfect stone to use. It is instrumental in work or school environments where mental clarity and dexterity are essential.

Gem and I jewelry is handmade and one-of-a-kind, crafted with love and intention. Each crystal crown is beautifully wrapped and protected in a decorative, eco-friendly box, perfect for gifting! Made to be light and flexible (average weight of 3.5 oz), these crowns will have you feeling like a goddess, ready to dance the night away!

* Please allow for slight appearance variations as each gemstone is uniquely shaped.