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How to Use Your Mala for Meditation

Malas have been used for thousands of years in Japa Meditation, by several religions. Japa translates to “muttering,” and mala to “garland.” You are essentially reciting mantras with each bead that passes through your fingers. 

The mala is placed in your right hand and you begin with the bead to the right of the guru bead (the center bottom bead). Once you have circled back to the guru bead, you can end the practice or repeat it by going back the way you came.

Assign a mantra based on what it is you most need help remembering at this point for your highest well being! It can change as many times as you need.

The Truth About Copper

Copper is an amazing metal that benefits its wearer in several ways. Wearing copper can boost immunity, prevent inflammation and increase circulation. It is an essential mineral, and it slowly assimilates into your skin; which is great for it! Sometimes, copper can turn your skin green as an indicator of improper acidity in your body, and in that way, you can use it to measure your bodies alkalinity. The root could be as simple as the lotion or perfume you are wearing, but it can also point to nutritional deficiencies such as a poor diet or not drinking enough water. Copper is a beautiful metal and mineral, that not only looks beautiful, but also enhances your health!

Care instructions

Avoid getting your mala wet. You can clear the energy of your gemstone jewelry by placing in the sunlight, under a full moon or with some selenite, or just do what feels right!

If your copper jewelry starts to naturally patina, simply polish it with the cloth provided to you with your purchase to bring back that original gleam and shine.


As this is a handmade product featuring genuine gemstones, there will be slight variances. This product is not intended for medicinal purposes.