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Bridal Crystal Headband with Faceted Genuine Gemstones

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This faceted gemstone headband is perfect for your special occasion or wedding. Crafted with genuine crystals, it can be customized with various band and wire colors. This unique bridal headpiece is designed to be lightweight and flexible, allowing you to feel like a true boho bride as you dance the night away!

Gem and I jewelry is handmade and one-of-a-kind, crafted with love and intention. Each crystal headband comes beautifully wrapped and protected in a decorative, eco-friendly box, perfect for gifting!


Amethyst is a powerful stone that promotes serenity and healing. It blocks negative energy, helping you overcome addictions and repetitive cycles. It's perfect for meditation, allowing you to reach higher states of consciousness and open the Crown Chakra. Amethyst calms the mind, deepening awareness and aiding concentration. It opens divine love and wisdom channels, making it one of the most spiritual stones.

Unlock the incredible power of Rose Quartz - the ultimate stone for your Heart Chakra. Its ability to invite unconditional love and deep inner healing is truly unmatched. Use it to attract all kinds of love and deepen your relationships. Let it guide you toward understanding the importance of self-love and self-forgiveness, which are crucial for embracing true love. Rose Quartz uniquely can transform feelings of pain and grief into inner peace and self-soothing. With its help, you can release heartache and open yourself to endless possibilities and beautiful relationships.

Amazonite is a highly soothing stone that aids in aligning the physical and etheric bodies. It works by balancing the masculine and feminine energies, thus enabling you to appreciate both sides' strengths and viewpoints. Moreover, this stone is beneficial for spiritual growth and helps in manifesting universal love. It is highly recommended for enhancing intuition and gaining a clear perspective.

* Please allow for slight appearance variations as each gemstone is uniquely shaped.