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Customizable Healing Smudge Kit Gift Box with Crystal, Sage, Palo Santo, Abalone Shell and Selenite

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Give the gift of love with this customizable smudge kit. This special package includes an abalone shell, a Selenite crystal, palo santo, and a large sage bundle, all sourced ethically. In addition, you get to choose two of your favorite crystals to complete the box. Selenite, a cleansing and clearing stone, is an excellent complement to the other gemstones you select.

Rose Quartz:

Unlock the incredible power of Rose Quartz - the ultimate stone for your Heart Chakra. Its ability to invite unconditional love and deep inner healing is truly unmatched. Use it to attract all kinds of love and deepen your relationships. Let it guide you toward understanding the importance of self-love and self-forgiveness, which are crucial for embracing true love. Rose Quartz uniquely can transform feelings of pain and grief into inner peace and self-soothing. With its help, you can release heartache and open yourself to endless possibilities and beautiful relationships.


Apatite is a potent gemstone that can assist you in materializing your aspirations and longings. It functions by unblocking your throat chakra, enabling you to communicate more candidly and efficiently in social gatherings and public speaking engagements. In addition, this gemstone is exceptional for augmenting your imagination and intelligence, enabling you to gain fresh perspectives and perceive others more positively.


Fluorite, named after the word "flux," is a stone that embodies the essence of flow. Its remarkable ability to dissolve energy blockages helps to promote a continuous and free flow of energy. Enhancing mental clarity and concentration can clear negative energy, instill confidence in decision-making, and harmonize thoughts and ideas, allowing the mind to soar. Fluorite is a powerful gemstone that can positively transform your life by helping you embrace the beauty of flow.


Amazonite is a highly soothing stone that aids in aligning the physical and etheric bodies. It works by balancing the masculine and feminine energies, thus enabling you to appreciate both sides' strengths and viewpoints. Moreover, this stone is beneficial for spiritual growth and helps in manifesting universal love. It is highly recommended for enhancing intuition and gaining a clear perspective.

Spirit Quartz: ($20 upcharge)

Spirit Quartz, a rare mineral found only in South Africa, possesses a unique and remarkable structure of hundreds of minor, terminated points. It is deeply connected to the crown chakra, allowing one to experience a profound sense of harmony and spiritual connection. Not only does Spirit Quartz clear and stimulate the third chakra, but it is also an excellent choice for relieving anxiety. Using this powerful stone, you can merge with your higher self and align with the spirit.