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Mermaid Jewelry Box with Seashells and Crystals with Upcycled Gemstone Jewelry

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This one-of-a-kind jewelry box is made from crystals, sea shells, and upcycled copper electroformed jewelry. This is truly a work of art, with every inch of the keepsake box encrusted and embellished with glitter for extra sparkle. The recycled jewelry comes from the "oopsie" drawer in my studio. Copper electroforming is a delicate art; sometimes, it goes differently than planned. This box was inspired by turning trash into treasure and finding a way to upcycle those oopsies and give them a new purpose!

The inside of the box is finished with blue velvet in the box and painted and sprinkled with glitter on the top. Store and honor your most special trinkets and jewelry with this magical mermaid jewelry box.