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Light Up Clear Quartz and Pink Crystal Crown for Clarity & Power

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Unleash your inner goddess with this Clear Quartz Pink Light Up Crystal Crown -- handmade with delicate clear quartz and three silver crescent moons. The pink lights add a magical, ethereal touch perfect for boho goddess bridal tiaras or festival fairy crowns— luxurious, handmade p to complete your look.

This crown comes with three extra pink lights to extend the life of your party! Turn them on or off by simply twisting them tighter or looser. No cords, no worries!

Clear Quartz is a potent crystal with the unique ability to amplify and regulate energy while effectively absorbing and releasing it. You can use it to manifest your desires and program it to resonate at the frequency of your dreams. This crystal is known for its remarkable ability to restore harmony and balance.

Gem and I jewelry is handmade and one-of-a-kind, crafted with love and intention. Each crystal crown is protected in a decorative, eco-friendly box, perfect for gifting. Made to be light and flexible (average weight of 3.5 oz) these crowns will have you feeling like a goddess ready to dance the night away!

* Please allow for slight variations, as each gemstone is uniquely shaped.