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Opal Crystal Stacking Ring Copper Electroformed in Rose Gold | October Birthstone

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This beautiful crystal ring has been copper electroformed in rose gold and features a gorgeous solitaire opal with iridescent hues of pink, blue, and white. Copper electroforming is a delicate, time-intensive process that uses chemicals and electricity over 24 hours to plate and form one piece of jewelry. This gemstone ring is a one-of-a-kind Gem and I creation, made with so much love and intention.

Your Gem and I ring comes beautifully wrapped with a crystal card and keepsake box, perfect for gifting or keeping for yourself!

Opal is the stone of love, light, and purity. It aids in transformation and intuition. Use it to deepen your understanding of yourself and others. In ancient times, it was used to strengthen the eye and see with clarity. It brings protection to its wearer and will ultimately amplify your traits. It is a passionate stone that will activate your throat chakra and bring you self-realization with a dose of good old-fashioned joy.

Copper is a fantastic mineral that has been used throughout time for numerous benefits! It is an excellent conductor of thermal and electrical energy, making it the perfect metal for setting highly energetic crystals.